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Name: Maxine Lee
Age & Nationality: 28, British
Occupation: Illustrator
Hobbies: Doodling, mooching, eating cakes
Likes: Shoes and other pretty things....but mainly shoes
Dislikes: Wellies, Chris De Burgh, beetroot
Chocolate for breakfast
Drinks: Water, cake, crisp crumbs straight from the packet


Carreer  span:

Fledgling freelance illustrator/animator with a focus on lifestyle, fashion and entertainment.

Christmas Desktop design for Nokia UK

Animated logo for DamDingo Productions

Indian Ink
Fabric samples
Watercolour markers


Adobe Photoshop
After Effects

Macromedia Studio


Background story:

"I have always had an interest in Art and Design and studied Fine Art and Graphics at school with a view to going straight to university…too fond of my freedom I didn’t get there as soon as Id hoped and instead plonked for an office job.

I only got back into it after I had my son Luca; not wanting to go back into full time employment after he was born I started attending college to do an HND in Multimedia over two years. After that I started on the BA(Hons) Digital Arts course which had less technical focus and more freedom of expression.

I graduated last July after spending my final year concentrating on animation with After Effects. Since graduating I have been freelancing as well as part time lecturing in Graphics and Multimedia (at the same college where I did my HND)"

Future dream:

"To stay happy"

Favorite artist:

"Too many…Kareem Iliya, Carlotta, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, David Carson…Burgerman’s a good’un tooo"

Message to young artists:

"Enjoy yourself within your work and know the rules before you break them." -
Maxine Lee, March 2005

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