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Name: Nils Blishen
Age & Nationality: 24, Canadian/Danish
Occupation: Fine/Street Artist
Hobbies: My hobbies are my work, and my work are my hobbies, it's great!
Likes: Art that comes from the soul, people who love.
Dislikes: People saying one thing and doing another
Eats: chocolate chip cookies
Drinks: iced carmel coffee's

Carreer  span:
Basco5's work is like eating a chocolate chip cookie and then washing it down with strawberry milk, it gives you a nice feeling but that feeling is alltogether different. The work is street bubble gum. It's pink in a wall full of gray's. It's like a bright green cactus in the middle of a desert. A fine/street artist from Vancouver, Canadan. He finds his art takes him in many different creative directions since getting serious about art in 2003 and creating his company Basco5 Arts. He's had his hand in graphic design, clothing, product design, fine art, murals for movies (the L word), street art, and even doll making. He believes very much that artist deserve to making a living from there creativity and often handles most of his own art selling and business.
Current project:
Vancouver Fridge Festival live graffiti show, Anteism artist tshirt/print project, Joystick ski pole design for 2007 line

black ink pens
acrylic paint
digi camara
paper cutter
happy colors



Background story:

"Decided when I was 21 that I want to do art for a living but didn't know it would be so hard at times. I went to art school in Europe but ended up not graduating because I was skipping too much to sell art on the street or hang out with the higher grades (who were more inspirational). Eventually I moved back to Vancouver, Canada cause I was pretty much starving, I lost 15 pounds while I lived in Denmark. It showed me that if I could live through that and do art then I can live through anything. Since then I've just been teaching myself with the help of others to just get better at my creativity and with my business side. It's a constant challenge but I couldn't do anything else with my life."

Future dream:
"In some ways I feel I'm living it. A lot of my dreams have been accomplished, and so I find just enjoying the process is maybe the best dream of all."

Favorite artist:

"Some of the artist I like include Ben Tour ( Humanfive old stuff ( Peter Taylor (, these artist who I grew up admiring are also my friends so that's a real blessing, Outside of Vancouver I'm a fan of Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, Blaine Fontanna....and to many to list here. I find each artist I like has a different aspect that inspires me, one artist I might like the shape of his canvases, other use great color etc. They all bring something new to the table. "


"If you want to become an artist, know that it might not be an easy life, but it will be rewarding. You'll see things and do things that most people never get to do, but you might have to sacrifice the comforts of life at times. Also know that great success will still bring stress, so don't just do it for the fame and money, do it cause you have to, cause you can't live any other way."

Nils Blishen, September 2006
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