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Name: Jinn Yagi
Age & Nationality: 26, Japanese
Occupation: Composer / Concept Designer
Hobbies: Painting, graphic design, design in average
Likes: Fruits, sweets
Dislikes: ... ummmm I can't think of anything...
Pasta, Stuffed Olives
Sports drinks, SAKE & European BEER

Carreer  span:
Founded IPA.CO. LTD, SD&C in 2000. IPASD&C "International Public Art, Sound Design and Creation" (President/Director/Creator)

2005 (Extract of main work)
BOSS and Stage BGM for SONY PSP'S [Play station portable] software [GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONE COMPLEX]
Two separate tracks for teams competing in the YOSAKOI FESTIVAL 2005 held in Kochi-city, Shikoku. Kochi City budgets 2,000 million yen for this festival involving 20,000 dancers and 200,000 tourists.
BGM and sound effects for a contemporary theatre performance Nightingale For Dinner, Kyoto
Sound installations in the Gallery Artspace KAN in Kyoto

MAC G4 17inch
Pencils & Paper

sound it


Background story:

"Jinn's attraction to electronic music since an early age, merged with his knowledge and experience of many cultural sounds have provided him with a unique worldly taste, very evident in his live shows as DELUA ANTI NORM and his new tech Jazz band called "COSTA BRIDGET". DELUA and COSTA BRIDGET have already performed at many established venues in Japan and JINN has produced music for various clients such as fashion and TV Commercials and Designer's events. In today's electronic music culture, the world is filled with many talented young up and comers.... We certainly think Jinn Yagi and his band Delua anti norm would fit into this category." -

Future dream:

"To live with my loved one in a wonderful place, just the way we want it to be and then start my own shop."

Favorite artist:

"Matthew Herbert and Yagi Mariyo."

Message to young artists:

"Take walks, exercise and build up your physical strenght
Pass the borders and travel
Learn new languages
Become friends with all sorts of people
Know and learn about the culture of different countries
Respect it and enjoy it
...and, without doubt,
you will gradually get your imagination flowing. "
Jinn Yagi, August 2005

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