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Name: Mike Laughead
Age & Nationality: 27, United States-ian
Occupation: Illustrator
Hobbies: Reading novels, movie watching, changing diapers.
Likes: Tacos, Indie Comics, My Wife and Daughter.
Dislikes: Being Tired.
Uhm.. tacos and I also learned to love sushi.
Drinks: Water, juice (I've never had alcohol).


Carreer  span:

I did some work in college but I've been working since
June 2005.

Current project:

Some t-shirt design and a graphic novel about my

Drafting pencil with non-photo blue lead
8x11 in. computer paper
Wacom tablet



Background story:

"I've always loved to draw. It runs in my family a little bit. After being a missionary in Argentina for a couple of years after high school, I went to college
in Idaho. I studied illustration and I now work as an illustrator and comic book maker."

Future dream:
"I would love to feel comfortable with my illustration income, so I can focus on comics. I really want to get my first real graphic novel done."

Favorite artist:

"At this exact moment, it's Geof Darrow. I saw him in Chicago and his inks on vellum were AMAZING!"


"To get your own style just draw and draw and keep drawing, it will come. To make money illustrating meet people that can hire you and network with anyone."
Mike Laughead, August 2006
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