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Name: Tom Hanni
Age & Nationality: 27, Swiss
Occupation: Designer / Illustrator / Animator
Hobbies: Friends, Movies/Animes, Comics, Video Games, Snowboarding, Swimming
Japan, Characters, Graffiti, good design
Dislikes: Violent and ignorant people.
almost everything who tastes good. my favourite is japanese Katsu-don - oishii so!
Drinks: foremost mineral water. from time to time a nice cold beer.


Carreer  span:
In february 2005 I graduated in "Visual Communication" studies from School of Arts here in Bern. My final year project was the full-animated musicvideo for my friend and rapper Tommy Vercetti, which is called "Briefe an die Mutter".
   I always wanted to do something like that. My own animated movie! But I never had time before. So for the graduation work I had plenty of time and I was thinking, come on, letfs do it - despite the enormous effort. ;) Well, in the end it was more than worth the trouble: My video was presented at most movie and animation festivals in Switzerland and Germany. Even Ifve never expected I won some nice prices and awards. And actually now it will be shown at the Animationfestival in Hiroshima which makes me really really proud.
   Now since a year Ifm working together with my friends in a small graphic design studio called Pixelfarm which we even founded.

My tools:
sometimes spraycans

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Kumako drawn by Tom Hanni!
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