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Name: Tom Hanni
Age & Nationality: 27, Swiss
Occupation: Designer / Illustrator / Animator
Hobbies: Friends, Movies/Animes, Comics, Video Games, Snowboarding, Swimming
Japan, Characters, Graffiti, good design
Dislikes: Violent and ignorant people.
almost everything who tastes good. my favourite is japanese Katsu-don - oishii so!
Drinks: foremost mineral water. from time to time a nice cold beer.


Carreer  span:
In february 2005 I graduated in "Visual Communication" studies from School of Arts here in Bern. My final year project was the full-animated musicvideo for my friend and rapper Tommy Vercetti, which is called "Briefe an die Mutter".
   I always wanted to do something like that. My own animated movie! But I never had time before. So for the graduation work I had plenty of time and I was thinking, come on, letfs do it - despite the enormous effort. ;) Well, in the end it was more than worth the trouble: My video was presented at most movie and animation festivals in Switzerland and Germany. Even Ifve never expected I won some nice prices and awards. And actually now it will be shown at the Animationfestival in Hiroshima which makes me really really proud.
   Now since a year Ifm working together with my friends in a small graphic design studio called Pixelfarm which we even founded.

My tools:
sometimes spraycans

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Background story:

"I was drawing since I could hold a pen in my hand, probably with 2 or 3 years. Since then I was drawing all the time. I always prefered to draw characters. Characters, characters and over again characters... For me illustrating and creating own figures is very essential and makes me totally happy.

As a child and even now Ifm very impressed by the animated movies of disney, pixar, ghibli, etc. Suddenly those characters awake to live! So thatfs why Ifm very attracted to animation even though itfs so tricky. When you can arouse your character to live and probably even can tell a story, well, then thatfs really fly! :) "

Future dream:

"An own feature-length full animated movie would be the greatest! But just having goods like vinyl figures and stuff of my own characters would make me really really contented as well!"

Favorite artist:

"Hayao Miyazaki, Katsushiro Otomo, Akira Toriyama, Takashi Murakami, Kirsten Ulve"


"Whatever you want to do, make it clever, whatever, whatever, whateverg by Jeru The Damaja"
Tom Hanni , June 2006

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