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Name: Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd
(a.k.a. AZStar78)
Age & Nationality: 27, American
Occupation: Artist
Hobbies: Sleeping
Hummus, Pho, Fake hot wings, Ahi Steak, Adidas, New York, L.A., Traveling, Girls, Sex, Drinks, Food, Food and Food
Dislikes: Boys, Work, Red meats


Carreer  span:
Since 2001 till tomorrow:
I work in my small live/work studio. On my wall hangs art done by artists I am lucky to know. (errrc Deth P. Sun, Evah Fan, Kozyndan, Thought Ninjas, Zach Johnsen, Rika Sexerz, Skewille, Brendan Monroe, Little Friends of Print Making, Freegums). I have a long small black desk with nice black shelves above it that hold books and all my pens, paints, and other miscellaneous tools I use to make my art. I like to have the TV on as I work. I love noise lots of noise. Let it in and infect my soft brain.

My tools:
I do must of my work by hand, but I do have a computer. I love Japanese gel pens and Pilot Hi-tech C pens. I use white out, oil bars, oil markers, watercolor or anything you have to offer to make my work. I mostly work on wood and paper.

Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS2

Kumako drawn by Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd!
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