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Name: Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd
(a.k.a. AZStar78)
Age & Nationality: 27, American
Occupation: Artist
Hobbies: Sleeping
Hummus, Pho, Fake hot wings, Ahi Steak, Adidas, New York, L.A., Traveling, Girls, Sex, Drinks, Food, Food and Food
Dislikes: Boys, Work, Red meats


Carreer  span:
Since 2001 till tomorrow:
I work in my small live/work studio. On my wall hangs art done by artists I am lucky to know. (errrc Deth P. Sun, Evah Fan, Kozyndan, Thought Ninjas, Zach Johnsen, Rika Sexerz, Skewille, Brendan Monroe, Little Friends of Print Making, Freegums). I have a long small black desk with nice black shelves above it that hold books and all my pens, paints, and other miscellaneous tools I use to make my art. I like to have the TV on as I work. I love noise lots of noise. Let it in and infect my soft brain.

My tools:
I do must of my work by hand, but I do have a computer. I love Japanese gel pens and Pilot Hi-tech C pens. I use white out, oil bars, oil markers, watercolor or anything you have to offer to make my work. I mostly work on wood and paper.

Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS2

Background story:

"It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi." - Steve Martin from THE JERK (1977)

"Ifm just a guy, a normal guy, Ifd like to believe Ifm not but deep down inside I know I am. I was raised in an Air Force family and traveled around the US and the world. Once I turned 18 I started to move around by myself from New York, to LA to SF. I keep moving. It must be something in my blood. I call myself AZStar78 not because itfs some graffiti name but itfs a BBS name I had when I used to dial up on other users computers and geek out. The name stuck to me like glue. And that is kind of the basic story or at least thatfs what Ifm going to tell you today. You can ask me tomorrow. Maybe Ifll have a new story for you. "

Future dream:

"I want to have a child one day and stay at home and plan large installations for people around the world to visit. We are talking like 20 years from now."

Favorite artist:

"Too many to namec but I love my friends"


"Art isnft more than life. If you think it is, maybe you need to look back and retrace your footsteps to where you lost your wallet cause if I found it youfll be broke."
Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd, May 2006

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