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Name: Matt Lyon [C86]
Age & Nationality: 35, British
Occupation:Wannabe Artist
Hobbies: Japanese TV-games, doodling
Likes:Folk Art, noisy music, Super Famicom, PC-Engine, twilight, cinema, creating new work
Dislikes:coffee, early mornings, hot weather, sport, shopping, eggs, feeling uninspired
Eats:peanut butter, curry doughnuts (when in Japan - yum!), Sunday roasts, English breakfasts, french bread and cheese, spicy food, bacon sandwiches, pasta, sushi + sashimi, comfort foodc
Drinks: tea, Stella Artois, red wine, Irish whiskey, fruit juice, barley waterc


Carreer  span:
Various freelance
Graphic Arts teacher

Current projects:
Accessories design (
Rocket Pop Vinyl (
Various personal work

My tools:
pens and pencils
pen and ink
Acetate and photocopier
PC and scanner
Old work & second-hand media

Photoshop CS2
Illustrator CS2

Kumako artwork by Matt Lyon [C86]!
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