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Name: Matt Lyon [C86]
Age & Nationality: 35, British
Occupation:Wannabe Artist
Hobbies: Japanese TV-games, doodling
Likes:Folk Art, noisy music, Super Famicom, PC-Engine, twilight, cinema, creating new work
Dislikes:coffee, early mornings, hot weather, sport, shopping, eggs, feeling uninspired
Eats:peanut butter, curry doughnuts (when in Japan - yum!), Sunday roasts, English breakfasts, french bread and cheese, spicy food, bacon sandwiches, pasta, sushi + sashimi, comfort foodc
Drinks: tea, Stella Artois, red wine, Irish whiskey, fruit juice, barley waterc


Carreer  span:
Various freelance
Graphic Arts teacher

Current projects:
Accessories design (
Rocket Pop Vinyl (
Various personal work

My tools:
pens and pencils
pen and ink
Acetate and photocopier
PC and scanner
Old work & second-hand media

Photoshop CS2
Illustrator CS2
Background story:
"Ifve always enjoyed drawing and making things. Being creative is the most challenging and satisfying thing in my life, and I could never imagine being without it. I studied Fine Art at The Slade School in London, spending most of the time exploring other outlets such as film and video, writing, sound work and installations. Underlying all of this remained my love of drawing that forms the foundation for all of my ideas. After graduating, I soon returned to education and now work as a teacher of Graphic Arts. Ifve only been involved in the more graphic / illustration side of art for the past few years. These are exciting times and I really wanted to be a part of whatfs now going on. Itfs rewarding for me to share all that I love to my students, and it makes me happy when they develop a similar passion for the subject. I worked freelance during college to pay the bills, and I continue to do so as more and more people become familiar with what Ifm doing. Oh, and Ifm a huge fan of Japan, ever since first watching Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) in the early 80s and growing up on a diet of videogames. Ifll be returning to Tokyo this summer and I canft wait! Watch out Akihabara!!"

Future dream:
"Ifd soon love to work full-time as a freelance artist. At the moment Ifm quite happy sharing my time with teaching, but increasingly Ifm finding it difficult to focus on the number of projects I want to be a part of. Aside from that, and like everyone else, Ifd like to remain healthy, happy and solvent!"

Favorite artist:

"Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Jean Dubuffet, Jim Flora, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Ron Mueck, Joseph Cornell, James Turrell, Neasden Control Centre, Paul Klee, Bill Viola, and loads morec"

Message to young artists:
"Take a line for a walk and follow the direction of where your work is leading. Let your ideas and imagery be one step ahead of your understanding of them. Challenge yourself to keep trying something new -itfs the only way to discover your own style and avoid doing the same as everyone else"

Matt Lyon, February 2007
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